Online classes:  $15 to enroll, then tuition is paid monthly.

Classes at Eastside or Metro Academic Studies (MAS):  See the Eastside or MAS websites. Enrollment at both locations is now done online.


Online classes:  $60 per month.

Nine months is the maximum payment for any course, even if you need more time to complete the course. You only pay for the time you are enrolled. If you need to stop for some reason and resume later, you do not need to pay for the time away. If you finish a course in less than nine months then it costs less. However, if you complete an entire course very quickly and wish for us to grade all of the papers then we do ask for minimum payment of three months.

Live classes:  Monthly tuition is listed below.


Online classes:  $60 per month.

Families that enroll in more than one course at a time (either enrolling multiple students or one student in multiple courses) receive $10 off the monthly tuition for each course. This discount applies to both live and online classes.

For the live classes, 10% off is offered if payment for the school year is made in full during the first month.


Online classes:  $60 per month.

Students should get a copy of the Student Workbook. The Student Workbook contains practice problems, reference materials, and lecture notes that correspond to the lectures delivered in class and in the videos. The Student Workbooks are available at at a wholesale price, usually around $20 to $25, or alternatively, can be printed from this website ( once a student has enrolled.

For the live classes, Mr. Owens will provide the hardback textbooks as needed for Geometry and Precalculus. The books should be returned at the end of the school year. The other classes do not require a textbook.