Online Classes

All of our classes are available online: Prealgebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Calculus, Physical Science, and Physics.

How Online Learning Works

1. Videos

Videos of all of the lectures are provided, either over the web or on Cd or Dvd. Students watch the videos on their home computer. These lectures contain the exact same content as the lectures delivered in class. In some cases, the videos contain additional graphics, effects, and animations that cannot be drawn on a whiteboard but are well suited to a computer.

2. Videos

As students watch the videos, they complete the printed lecture notes by hand. The lecture notes are a skeleton of the teacher's lecture notes. As students follow the lecture, they fill in the blank space in the lecture notes, writing down the main points and solving example problems. In this way, the students learn by doing the work and writing it down as well as by listening to the material and seeing it on screen.

3. Homework and Tests

Online students have the same homework assignments and tests as students who attend the class. Students can submit their completed work in whatever manner is most convenient - fax, email, regular mail, or by other means. The papers are graded, and scanned images of the graded papers are automatically emailed to the students and the parents. With email and fax, the process can be very fast, so students may receive feedback on their work very quickly.

Advantage of Online Classes

Online class offers several distinct advantages:
  • Flexible time. You can study according to your own schedule.
  • Flexible location. Study anywhere you can access the internet or take a laptop.
  • Flexible pace. You may choose a faster or slower pace than the standard class.
  • Avoid traffic. In Atlanta, this is a considerable advantage.

Costs and Fees


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