How these courses work

1. Students get a copy of the Student Workbook

The workbooks and the videos go together.

We use to print and distribute the workbooks. You can find them here:
Student Workbooks

You may also print the workbooks yourself instead of purchasing them.

2. As they watch the videos, students take notes and work examples in the workbook.

The videos contain the same content as Mr. Owens' live classes. Online students and those in the live classes in Atlanta all use the workbooks.

Parents can easily flip through the workbook and see if the students are completing the work.

3. Students send in their papers electronically

Most students scan and email their assignments. Many students send images from their phone using a scanner app. Just about any method of sending papers is okay, including scans, digital photos, fax, and regular mail.

4. The assignments are graded and returned.

Papers are graded by Mr. Owens and his TA's. The graded papers are automatically returned by email to the parents and the students. We aim for a 48 hour turn-around on homework assignments and tests.

5. Students may email any time if they have questions.

Mr. Owens and his teachers and TA's both field questions from students. Questions are encouraged.

There are currently 16 TA's working for Mr. Owens (in November, 2022). Most of them are former students of Mr. Owens who are now in college or advanced high school students currently studying Calculus.

6. Parents have quick and easy access to progress reports.

With just one click, parents can see every assigment and test, the grade on each, and whether any assignments are missing.

Each time work is turned in the progress report is automatically updated and parents are notified.

7. Live classes in Atlanta start in September. Online students may start any time.

The live classes follow a traditional school year. The online classes are completely flexible. Online students may begin any time and may move at their own pace. Mr. Owens has online students starting and finishing courses in any given month.