Contact Us

Please refer to the following table to find information about the best way to contact Mr. Owens and his staff.

Information and Inquiries

Mr. Owens and his staff will both be checking this email.

Extra Help and HW Questions
Stuck on a homework problem? Have a question related to the course material? Feel free to email us and Mr. Owens or one of his TA's will get back to you.

Email your completed assignments to this address. Attached JPG files are best. PDF files are also okay. More info about submitting homework is here.

Caryn, our bookkeeper, keeps track of all the payments and sends out the monthly reminders. Feel free to email her if you have a question about payment matters.

Problem? Let us know and we'll try to fix it.


Reach us by fax if you need to. Completed assignments may also be faxed to this number.


Lucid Education
45 Autry Street
Norcross, GA 30071
And yes, we can be reached by the postal service or carrier pigeon if needed.

Derek Owens and staff
Cell: 404-353-4480
Mr. Owens and teachers who work with him will be checking this address. Mr. Owens is very busy and is often in class, but still tries to be available when possible if you need to contact him directly.